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CRT is a technique used to release muscle tension that can't seem to relax through natural processes or other forms of massage.  Pressure, within the clients comfort range, is applied to the origin or insertion of the muscle while it is brought through its natural action process.  CRT helps relieve sore, aching, painful knotted muscles.  This technique is beneficial for piriformis syndrome, sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, low back and hip pain to name a few and can be employed throughout many areas of the body.




Leg balancing is used in situations where the client has apparent short leg syndrome.  The clients leg can appear to be anywhere from 1/2-2" shorter than the opposite leg.  Through a series of manipulations, stretching and massage the apparent short leg is able to return to its normal resting position most often the first time with soft tissue related issues.   


Hip Balancing is used as an alternative to apparent short leg syndrome when the hips are not positioned correctly and leg balancing isn't the issue needing to be addressed.  Through rotations of the hip joint and soft tissue manipulation the pelvis can regain structural alignment that is soft tissue related. 

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